• Solar Dream Light
  • Solar Dream Light
  • Solar Dream Light
  • Solar Dream Light
  • Solar Dream Light

Solar Dream Light

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many bright

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US $ 48 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

1. Solar panel :10w   223*347*18MM, polycrystalline
2.LED : Bridgelux  60PCS 30W LED ,3000-6000K
3.Lithium Battery:9.6V  6.5Ah
4.Control model;:radar induction/light control/time control/remote control
5.Sensor distance :5-8m
6.Installation height:3m-5m
7.Working time: > 7 days.


Product features
1. [Low maintenance cost] The design life is more than 10 years and the warranty is 2 years;

2, [Long time of anti-rainy days"]SRS invention patented energy-saving technology, to achieve conventional           technology 5 times the rainy day still light;

3, [Long life] using genuine lithium iron phosphate / ternary lithium battery, combined with patented energy-saving technology, to achieve more than 3 times the life of conventional technology;

4, 【High brightness】 SRS patented digital constant current source, low power consumption, high power saving rate, compared with the same power of other brands of solar LED street lights brighten 50-100%;

5. [Patented Technology Protection]A number of patented technologies and software copyrights are developed independently to better protect the interests and superior performance of dealers and consumers.

 Working mode
1. When connected to the solar panel during installation, the self-checking mode of the computer's smart system is within 2 minutes (the normal working will start after 2 minutes);

2. When the battery power is higher than 38.2%, first 3H is the full bright mode at the middle of the night; later 9H is the energy-saving sensing mode; the person comes the bright mode work immediately and the person leaves immediately entering the energy-saving mode;

3. When the battery power is lower than 38.2%, 6H in the middle of the night is the energy-saving sensing mode, and the person enters the full-bright mode work immediately, and the person comes the energy-saving mode work after leaving power saving in later 6H (late night);

4. When the battery power is lower than 10%, in order to protect the battery off the state of life-saving, to extend the battery life, when the sun rise , the whole lamp start normal work

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