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Bracket of PV

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many bright

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1)All the support structural elements are used with hot dipped galvanized steel pipe tp guarantee
  the lifetime of support
2)Adopt high-quality aluminum alloy and other excellent section bars to ensure sufficient strength
  of support
3) the main installation of the guide rails are adopted 6063-T5 aluminum alloy to make sure the life
   of the support.
4)Installation area of solar panel components in design is 50.2m
5) wind load resistance of support in design is 216km/h
6) installation of 30 solar modules require one unit mounting bracket
7)The ground support system which is conventional for installation and maintenance free has developed
  into the general solar panel installation system suitable for open ground outdoor. The unique
  innovatitive aluminium alloy track, z-shaped card and pipe cap can be used to connect multiple units
  conveniently and simply to meet the actual requirements on various grounds for installation. It is
  suitable for installation and application of solar panel with and without frame and is mainly used in
  large-scale solar power station with the advantage of low cost, rapid installation and stability.

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